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We constantly hire drivers, holders of the driving license C and E categories, with certificate for the carriage of goods, tachograph card and clean criminal record, with or without experience and we provide professional training for international TIR drivers (by assigning missions together with an experienced driver).

We also train beginner drivers, by using highly qualified personnel, concerning the observance of the driving-resting periods, distribution of mass on axes, ensuring the cargo, economical driving, as well as many other problems specific for the domain.

As a result of the massive renewal of the vehicle fleet during the last years with modern, advanced trucks, the drivers must adapt both to the new requirements enforced by the development of new technology and the increased exigency of the customers:

  • getting acquainted with the automated checkout system of the loaded assembly mass;
  • receptiveness in applying the economical driving techniques, based on the monitoring Dynafleet system information;
  • monitoring the automatic toll devices, aboard the vehicles;
  • efficient use of the cargo stowage equipment: straps, blockers, skid-proof mats and anti-theft locking devices;
  • efficient and quick reactions in case of accident, incident, including avoiding stowaways and other limit situations occurring on the route;
  • communication and driver’s manners of addressing and introducing himself before our partners when loading/unloading the goods;

If you wish to become part of a performing team, please contact us and be ready for new challenges.

Our company is interested in recruiting personnel in the domain of carriage of goods, such as transport coordinators.

If you have an active disposition, you are familiar with one or more foreign languages, with geographic orientation, try out a dynamic job!

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We are, also, in a constant search for serious people, responsable and talented, so, if you think you got what it takes to join our team, we would like you send us a short message by filling the short presentation bellow. 

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