The first vehicles were set in motion in 2001, the result of combining family tradition with the dream of being “everywhere, anytime”. The professionalism and promptness shown by Semiramis has taken us high on the transportation market over time, therefore facing all the challenges of the economic and business environment, which is continuously changing and is more and more competitive.

Company Semiramis has entered the transportation market as an operator in a time when economic takeoff opened new opportunities for cargo movement, market demands leading to permanent development both in the vehicle fleet, in the services and the team.

So, after 15 years of experience, Semiramis stands before you as a mature company, able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

The year of establishment of SC SEMIRAMIS S.RL, born from a dream, from great passion, dedication and from the desire to lay the foundation of a transportation company, thus taking forward a family tradition.
The first vehicles: 2 trucks
Number of employees: 5

As a result of the lucrative activity and desire for development, in 2004 the vehicle fleet consisted of 10 units handled by 15 employees.

The company expands and reaches a number of 61 vehicles. The company has 70 employees.

This is a maximum ascending time span for the company; at the end of the period the vehicle fleet counts 105 units and personnel made up of 130 employees.

2015 - 2017
An interval when the quality strengthening of the fleet and of the provided services have been our paramount aims

Going strong!