Semiramis provides frigorific transport for goods that require special temperature conditions, as diary products, frozen goods, pharmaceutical products, perishables etc.

We make sure that, during the entire transport, the optimum temperature is maintained to preserve the quality of the products.

The frigorific semi-trailers are equipped with temperature recording and monitoring devices, ensuring that the transport to destination is made in conditions of maximum safety

An expression of our professionalism and care for the loaded goods is the fact that our transportation means are equipped with digital thermometers which are used before loading the goods, anytime necessary.

We have a number of vehicles with “double deck" to allow the transport optimization from a volumetric point of view.

The separating sides allow for the division of the goods requiring controlled temperature from the other products that don’t require temperature .

The thermal diagram accompanies each batch of goods requiring controlled temperature.

The transportation means are also provided with spare pallets.

The expression of our constant concern for meeting our customers’ needs and, in the same time, our care for a healthier and cleaner environment is translated in the average age of our fleet: 3 years.

The international carriage of goods is performed both in the European Union, in dedicated system especially, and on the entire territory of Europe, according to the provisions of the CMR Convention.

To identify at any time the position of the truck, they are equipped with state-of-the-art technical devices, GPS systems, the information being downloaded directly from the Dynafleet system.