Due to the seriousness the company treats each order, the flexibility and promptness when meeting our customers’ needs, the close collaboration with each client, the capacity of meeting the loading/unloading deadlines, using reliable vehicles and, last but not least, due to our young and dynamic team, Semiramis S.R.L. received recognition both on the international and on the internal market.

The main branch of Semiramis is the activity of carriage of goods by road. Our company mainly performs external and, complementary, inland transports.

The international carriage of goods is performed both in the European Union, in dedicated system especially, and on the entire territory of Europe, according to the provisions of the CMR Convention.

In order to better cover the entire territory of Europe and meet promptly the demands of our customers, Semiramis has a modern and well equipped vehicle fleet. The trucks in our fleet are able to honor a broad range of transportations:

  • Frigo transports;
  • General goods transports;
  • Special transports;
  • Express transports.

Destinations where our “representatives in the territory” can be frequently met are: France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Great Britain, Hungary, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, and Portugal.

We are open and prepared at all times to be present in new destinations.

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