“Times change and we change with them” - Ovidiu

Semiramis knows that only by systematically meeting the needs and expectations of its clients and of other interested parties, on a long and balanced term, can one be truly successful.

In order to work effectively, we take the following into consideration:

  • vehicle fleet management;
  • permanent tracking by GPRS and GSM devices;
  • providing a cell phone for every driver;
  • offering the possibility, for each client, to follow the dedicated fleet directly, in real time.


Firma de transport in Pitesti, SemiramisDynafleet, Fleetboard and Webeye are the fleet’s management systems, user friendly, made available by Volvo and by Mercedes. These systems make the transport more efficient by monitoring the parameters in real time: the fuel consumption, driving time, emissions, operator’s manner of driving and tracking the vehicles from practically anywhere, with the help of an intuitive web interface, easy to integrate in the existing systems.

Regardless of the amplitude of the operation, Dynafleet and Fleetboard are essential tools for improving the cost-effectiveness. These systems can be accessed with the help of an Internet connection using any kind of device, regardless of your location. They are also available as an easy to use application for your smartphone or tablet, so that you can monitor your trucks from no matter where you are.


The WIND system is an advanced planning system for operators in the field of transportation.